Written by Zoë Holloway, September 9, 2016

Nine months into her sizzling romance with Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry has admitted that there’s something seriously bothering her about her 39-year-old actor beau (and it isn’t his nude paddleboarding!).

Speaking with Women’s Wear Daily, the LA-based singer reveals, ‘My boyfriend lives in Malibu, and getting used to that [drive] was like, “Are you kidding me? What kind of life is this?”’

The 31-year-old star has also found herself going the extra distance to return to her hometown of Santa Barbara where she grew up.

‘I never really got used to Malibu ’cause it’s halfway to Santa Barbara, so I’m always just going to Santa Barbara then. I get the whole coming to LA and living by the beach thing. But it’s really like… it’s so far, nobody [who lives in town] is going to come see you.’

If a long commute is the couple’s biggest problem, it seems like they might be doing pretty well!

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