Written by Zoë Holloway, August 4, 2016

The candid contender shares her thoughts on the other women vying for the Bachelor’s love…



‘She clearly doesn’t like me, going by the comments we’re seeing on the show,’ shares Keira of health promotions officer Megan, 27. ‘She was lovely towards me in the house, although very timid, and I guess she wasn’t used to my personality, which is OK.’

As for Megan being a hot contender for Richie’s affections, Keira says the two ‘definitely have something’.



We’ve seen single mum Alex, 24, and Keira butt heads and the latter still insists the white rose bearer should have been ‘a little more respectful’ when it came to stealing Richie away. ‘It wasn’t like it was five minutes, they’d gone off for an hour,’ she says.

As for Alex’s mummy status, Keira spills, ‘It shouldn’t change a thing… but Richie did say a lot of the time that he wasn’t ready for children…’



‘I love Nikki, but I just want to say that we had no idea what was going on with her and Richie – she kept everything top secret,’ tells Keira of the WA real estate agent. ‘She was very quiet in the house, and although she was really lovely and very nice, she kept to herself,’ adds Keira, who also admits that Nikki, 28, was her ‘biggest competition from the day I got there’.



Stunning makeup artist Olena, 23, certainly had Richie stumbling over his words after giving him the third degree, but Keira says the big-eyed beauty still has her stumped on the relationship she shared with the Bach.

‘Olena and I were roomies and I just thought she was gorgeous, we got along very well and she’s pretty much as you see her, but as for her and Richie, well, she was very mysterious.’


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