Written by OK Staff, February 26, 2016

Broken foot or not, Kelly Osbourne isn’t going to miss out on the opportunity to jump on the hotel bed (albeit one small, cautious jump) with her bestie Sophie Monk.

The Australia’s Got Talent judges – who’ve become inseparable since the day they first met in a boardroom, where The Celebrity Apprentice Australia winner Sophie hilariously squirted the potpourri toilet spray Kelly gave her in her face – are proud to be representing the sisterhood, right down to their matching bling.

‘We got friendship necklaces and said to everyone around us , “These are so cheesy,”’ explains 31-year-old Kelly. ‘But then we walked away and said to each other, “I f—ing love it, it’s so cool.”’

[1612] Kelly Osbourne & Sophie Monk

Though their close friendship comes as a surprise – both girls say their best friends are guys – the lavender-haired daughter of rock royalty Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne says she’s taking Sophie, 36, back home with her to Los Angeles after AGT wraps.

The move, at least, will put a stop to the 4am FaceTime calls coming in from Australia. ‘I was going into withdrawals,’ chuckles Sophie, who often dials her pal forgetting the 19-hour time difference. ‘She’s always there when I need her. Before anyone really, she’s loyal, she’s good like that.’

The duo confess to spending endless hours chatting, and despite both being single ladies, the main topic of conversation isn’t boys.

‘There’s no time,’ explains Sophie. Kelly, however, would like to thank everyone for trying to set them up, but for now they’re blissfully happy with their friendship, which involves popcorn fights, bubbly and a lot of girl talk… and frankly, who wouldn’t be?

[1612] Kelly Osbourne & Sophie Monk

Why do you think you’ve become such close friends?

Sophie: You don’t have to walk on eggshells with her. She’s adorable and she’s all heart.

Kelly: It’s really weird for me because I never spend that much time with girls because usually they’re so competitive and mean. But Sophie and I, we don’t take ourselves too seriously because we’re really not [that serious] – you’ve seen us! I’m like, ‘Sophie, teach me how to be sexy, teach me how to pose.’ [Laughs]

What do you do when you hang out?

Kelly: We end up sitting there and talking about some of the most random things and then suddenly seven hours have gone by.

Sophie: She’s like one of my sisters.

Kelly: We’ve made up a dance routine that she’s choreographed, or we decide we’re going to be the next girl band, or we’ll play a prank on someone. We’re just idiots really, but it’s nice to have a friend who you can feel free to be that silly with.

Have you ever had a fight?

Kelly: It’s so tough when we get to that break in the dressing room [when the judges have to agree on which act they’ll send through to the next round]. It’s the only time that we hate each other. [Laughs]

Sophie: It’s a competition so you have to stick with what you like and we both understand that.

[1612] Kelly Osbourne & Sophie Monk


And you’re moving in together in LA?

Kelly: I knew she had plans to go back for work reasons, so it was more convincing her, ‘Why would you stay in a hotel when you can stay at my place?!’

Sophie: It will be awesome.

Do you have work lined up in LA, Sophie?

I wouldn’t live there again; I’m just going to see how it goes. I did a movie in Germany recently [horror movie Blood Feast], so it might be movies, I don’t know yet.

What about a Sophie and Kelly show? Would you be up for that?

Kelly: We’ve talked about it and figured that we’d probably get arrested or we’d get locked up in an insane asylum.

Sophie: I’d do it, and then I’d get to hang out with her all the time and get paid. That would be genius.

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