Written by Zoë Holloway, October 19, 2016

Kim Kardashian is usually a pretty big fixture in our social media feeds, but the 35-year-old reality star has been radio silent following her Paris robbery at gunpoint.

And just as we were beginning to wonder whether we’d ever get a new tweet/gram/blog update from her ever again, her personal assistant/best friend Stephanie Sheppard has provided an update on how the star is doing, and the future of her social media.


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Posting a handwritten note to Kim’s website, Steph acknowledged Kim’s noticeable absence from the internet, saying:

‘Hey guys, so you may have noticed we haven’t updated the app in a couple weeks. Keeks [Kim] is taking some much needed time off. But not to worry guys, we’ve called upon Kim’s closest friends, fam, and yours truly to serve up some exclusives. Stay tuned for new posts and app takeovers. Thank you so much for your support of my girl.’

Stay strong, Kimmy! Hope to see you back in our feeds soon.


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