Written by Sara Bordon, January 25, 2016

We haven’t seen much of Kim Kardashian since the birth of her son Saint on December 5, but it looks like she’s been working hard to get her body back into shape!

Earlier today, older sis, Kourtney, 36, shared a selfie snap of the pair looking taut and toned in front of a mirror.

Studio hoes. #SWISH

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So, just how much weight has Kim lost?

Well, last week she shared with her 39 million Twitter followers that she’s dropped 14kg and plans to shed another 18kg! 

The 35-year-old, who is using the Atkins diet and the help of a personal trainer to lose her baby weight, revealed the secrets to her weight loss on her app.

But even with the help of a personal trainer, Kim still has those everyday struggles with motivation.


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‘Please motivate me to work out today,’ the star tweeted. ‘I’m so tired but my trainer will be here in 10 mins.’

Well it looks like all her hard work is paying off, with the mum-of-two looking mighty fine in the Insty snap. Nice work, Kim!

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