Written by Zoë Holloway, August 30, 2016

Yesterday Beyoncé stole the show with her Lemonade medley and everyone was absolutely transfixed by the performance – everyone except for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, that is.

While Bey was up there singing her heart out, two of her closest pals were absent. Why? Well the MTV live camera feed showed them sitting backstage in silence on their phones.


And while we can’t imagine that there was any excusable reason for missing Beyoncé perform, a spokesperson for Kimye has since said that, ‘The situation Sunday night was just the result of bad timing, as the reality star was getting ready for her appearance during Beyoncé’s performance and Kanye wanted to be with his wife’.

Oh well, Kimye if you’re reading, you can check out Queen B’s performance below:

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