Written by Zoë Holloway, October 26, 2016

Last night we saw Australian Survivor’s ultimate underdog Kristie Bennett, 24, take out the title of sole survivor.


And while the result was unexpected for many viewers, the account exec from Sydney never once doubted herself or her potential to take out the competition.

‘You have to want it,’ she says of her game play, ‘It was my life-long goal. I have never wanted anything more in my entire life than to sit there at the final two and state my case to an entire jury,’

‘It just came down to sheer determination to wanting it enough.’

While Kristie acknowledges that ‘that last immunity challenge was the only way that I was going to gain any respect from the jury in any way, shape or form,’ she believes she surprised the group of ex-contestants for who ‘it was very clear to me that they didn’t think that I deserved to be there or think that I was playing [the game].’


Kristie also admits that her life was totally different before appearing on the show, saying ‘I’d sold everything and was preparing to move to Canada,’; and while her life might drastically change as hard-core Survivor fans want to know all about her time on the show, what’s her plan for now? ‘I intend on buying a van and converting it. Then adopting a dog from a rescue and go driving around Australia. Another big adventure.’

Hardest part of the show?

‘Knowing that you were sitting on the bottom! It made sleeping, socialising, dealing with the elements and all of the enhanced negatives so much harder…’

First luxury you indulged in when you came off the show?

Eggs Benny!

Things most missed?

‘I didn’t really miss anything to be honest – simplifying my life down was what I wanted!’

Weight lost?

‘5kgs – which was 7% of my body weight!’

Craziest fan moment since being on the show?

‘A fan came up and asked if I was Kristie from Survivor – So I flat out said yes. Then they didn’t believe me..  So I awkwardly had to convince them that I was. The mind games continue! [laughs]’

Would you do it again?

I definitely would consider it!



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