Written by Zoë Holloway, May 5, 2016

Kyly Clarke, business owner and author, is besotted with her adorable baby girl, Kelsey Lee. Here she tells OK! how she juggles her marriage to cricketer Michael Clarke, motherhood and the demands of her busy career.

Clearly you’re smitten with your little girl. What’s Michael like as a daddy?
He’s very warm and gentle and I think that’s just adorable. She’s absolutely daddy’s little girl. I do feel she’ll have him wrapped around her little finger, well, she already has!

What’s your most precious moment with your daughter?
For me as a mother and a wife, the most precious moment is when I see Michael interact with her. I also love it when I tell her how much I love her and kiss her on the back of the neck and she just giggles chronically. It’s hilarious.

Are you and Michael planning on adding to the family?
I’ve got two siblings and it’s been fantastic. I think we both probably hope that Kelsey-Lee will have a sibling too. Right now, our focus is she because she is so brand new – but I think she’d love a sibling one day so it’s possible.


You’ve copped some harsh criticism saying that you’ve got it easy, does that negativity hurt?
I’ve always tried to treat those things as water off a ducks back. The book is something that I’ve wanted to do to give out positivity and I just hope that True To You touches the right people who really need that inspiration. You can’t look into (the criticism) too much. That’s the whole point of putting out a positive book.

You are looking amazing, was it a lot of work to get you back to your pre-baby body back?
Absolutely, you put your child first but between feeds I would just do whatever I could do with whatever was around. Get up in the dark at 5.45am and go on the treadmill or do plyometric training so 29 minutes of cardio and lunges, jumps, weight sessions, all in a circuit. Just whatever I can whenever I can.

Do you and Michael work out together?
Yeah we do. Especially on the weekend, we’ll take turns to push Kelsey Lee in the pram. “I’ll push her up this hill; you push her up the next”.

Is there time for date nights these days?
Date night is a bit different now. Kelsey-Lee will be asleep by 7pm and then we all might go down the road to have dinner together. It’s so beautiful to have Kelsey- lee there and even though she’s sleeping. We always make time for each other, even if it’s just taking her for a walk or the two of us snuggling up together on the couch together watching a movie. We really, really enjoy our time together.

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