Written by Zoë Holloway, August 10, 2016

It’s been 10 years since The Hills graced our screens, and the show’s resident bad boy Justin ‘Bobby’ Brescia, 34, is not only still wearing boots to the beach, but also leaving no holds barred when talking about his former co-stars.

When speaking with Broadly about his time on the show, he admitted that while Lauren Conrad, 30, came across as sweet and down-to-earth, she was anything but.

‘She wasn’t the most down-to-earth [person],’ he said. ‘You get a young girl like that, who has been on TV since she was 18, and her whole life’s exposed – how do you get an actual normal person at that point? You don’t get someone who’s down-to-earth and someone who’s loving and caring. You get someone who’s f—ing twisted.’

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In fact, following The Hills’ MTV reunion special, That Was Then, This is Now, much of the cast failed to have glowing things to say of Lauren. Spencer Pratt, 32, even went so far as to say that LC took on the hosting duties because she ‘doesn’t want to share the limelight with anybody else’.


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