Written by Zoë Holloway, November 2, 2016

Lindsay Lohan has unveiled not only a brand new Greek nightclub, but also a brand new European accent!

The 30-year-old actress was speaking with media outside the opening of her latest venture, a club called ‘Lohan’, when people were quick to pick up on the strange broken English she was speaking in.

A cross between broken English and her old American twang, it truly is the most bizarre thing you’ll see today:

LiLo has since blamed her multi-lingual ability for the strange accent, as she is fluent in six languages.

She also went on to talk about re-building relationships following her split from estranged fiancee Egor Tarabasov:

‘My first time coming to Athens with Dennis, my friend, and that’s all he is my friend and business partner! But his mother became a very close person to me and his sister as well… When I went through hardships with my ex I really found ‘good family’ in these people from Greece.’

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