Written by OK Staff, January 27, 2016

Lisa Wilkinson has opened up about her ‘great secret’ during an interview with blog Show and Tell, admitting that she and husband suffered three heartbreaking miscarriages while trying for their fourth child.

‘Peter and I were so lucky. We started trying and fell pregnant straight away,’ says Lisa, 56, who’s been married to rugby union player turned author Peter FitzSimons, 54, for 23 years.

Lisa W
‘We’re pregnant with number four and I’m just thinking, “Wow, we’ve lucked out again. I’m so, so lucky.” Then, we were about 11 weeks and I woke up one morning and something was obviously very wrong,’ she reveals.

‘There is really nothing that prepares you for that moment when they do a scan and they say, “The baby’s dead.” Nothing prepares you for that.’

The television personality says she was shocked when she suffered two more miscarriages, but it wasn’t until she opened up to girlfriends about her loss that she realised she wasn’t alone.

Lisa's family

‘After three [miscarriages] in a row, that’s when you turn around and think, “I’m so lucky”. I’ve got so many girlfriends who’d had real fertility issues,’ she adds.

‘Obviously my eggs were done and if you’re lucky enough to have even one healthy child, you think, “I’ve won the lottery. I’m not going to push this anymore.”’

Lisa and Peter are parents to sons Jake, 22 and Louis, 20, and daughter, Billi, 18.

Lisa and Peter

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