Written by Sara Bordon, September 8, 2016

It was meant to be a civilised gathering for the newlyweds to get to know each other, but Sydney’s serene Blue Mountains was given quite the shake-up when all hell broke loose at the Married at First Sight dinner party, especially when groom Keller, 26, became so enraged that he threatened to get physical.

Gold Coast newlywed Bella, 30, who initially ruffled Keller’s feathers, recalls, ‘I thought he [Keller] was joking, taking the piss, but he looked at me with these crazy eyes and I knew he wasn’t.’


Bella’s husband Michael, 32, jumped to his wife’s defence, and that’s when things turned nasty and former naval officer Keller threatened to take Michael outside.

‘It was terrible agro, it was pretty bad,’ Bella tells OK!. ‘But I thought that Michael held himself really well.’

The dispute erupted after radio host Bella began questioning the other couple’s about their sex lives, something which made both Keller and his wife Nicole, 28, uncomfortable, but Bella tells his reaction was extremely out of line.

‘I was interested to know where the other couples were at with their relationships because we are all going through the experiment… I meant no harm, it wasn’t called for and in the end we ended up walking out.’


Primary school teacher Nicole left the table straight after Keller first took a nasty swipe at Bella, clearly unhappy about her new hubby’s table manners. Bella tells OK! that while she’s now in touch with ‘most’ of the MAFS couples, she’s formed a strong bond with Nicole.

‘Nicole and I are really close now – she only lives down the road – and we are in touch most days.’

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