Written by Zoë Holloway, October 28, 2016

Last night we saw the simultaneously amazing and heartbreaking finale of The Bachelorette, as Georgia Love finally got to say ‘I love you’ to winner Lee Elliot, while Matty J (Johnson) was sent home without the woman he’d fallen for.


Naturally, the 29-year-old from Sydney is still devastated, as he wore his heart on his sleeve, and admits that reliving the finale was tough.

‘I had a quiet one watching it at my sister’s house last night, and I did get teary,’ Matty reveals.

‘It really hit me like a steam train. I forgot that she kept talking when I put my hands on my knees. Watching it back she actually said a lot more than I remember.’

When asked about the finale experience, Matty confessed that keeping it together was difficult, saying that it ‘was kind of like when you have a bad day at school and you really want to cry, but you don’t want to cry in front of other people’.

‘I don’t think you can really tell how much I was struggling in that limousine. As soon as I got back to that hotel and shut that door behind me, that’s when I let it all out.’


While the break-up was difficult, Matty has his mum to thank for comforting him during the ordeal.

‘I called my mum [straight afterwards] and she thought that I had won. She was like, “You won didn’t you? You won!” And I was crying at the time and out of breath… I was trying to take a breath to tell her that I didn’t win, but I couldn’t – I couldn’t get words out,’ he tells.

‘When it first started I didn’t have an appetite to watch the series, but my mum said that I couldn’t just erase this from my life because of the bad ending that I didn’t want to have, and that there was a lot of positives in it as well. I did enjoy it, until it got to last night.’

Matt also confessed that, while he is happy for Lee, he’s surprised at viewers’ reactions to Georgia’s final decision. ‘The heartbreak of the nation is pretty much outweighing the happiness for Lee and Georgia, which is quite sad.’

Matty J for The Bachelor

And does he have any desire to remain friends with the couple?

‘I think I would stay in touch with Lee. It would be tricky to stay in touch with Georgia out of respect to Lee. If I bumped into her, it wouldn’t be awkward… But it would be tricky to have a solid friendship, especially considering how strong my feelings were towards her.’

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