Written by Zoë Holloway, August 4, 2016

When she was just 18 years old, WA Bachelor contender Megan Marx walked down the aisle to wed her childhood sweetheart, who she met in the strict church community where she grew up.

‘It was awful,’ shares the 27-year-old of what should have been her dream wedding day. ‘Just before we got married they changed the rules, so I was lucky to even be allowed to walk down the aisle. Instead, we had to get married in the middle of a church service, straight after the pastor had preached a sermon about how everyone was going to hell if they drank [alcohol].’


While Megan says she has ‘no regrets’ about the marriage, which ended shortly after she left the church at age 22, she admits she probably wouldn’t have got married in the first place were she to have had a different upbringing.

‘Obviously if I wasn’t involved in the church I wouldn’t have gotten married to my first boyfriend. I was a virgin when I got married, crazy enough, but at the same time I was in love and we were together for [almost] 1 0 years – so that’s not something that I can look back on and regret in any way,’ she tells OK!.


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