Written by Zoë Holloway, July 28, 2016

Just a few years ago, starring on (or even watching!) The Bachelor wouldn’t have been an  option for WA’s Megan Marx, who was born into a strict church community. At 23, the health promotions officer left the church with her husband, and although the marriage didn’t last, she tells OK! she’s happy to be ‘free’.

Can you tell us about your upbringing?

I would say I had a very different childhood and teenage years to what most people would have experienced. I was born into quite a full-on church community, which my entire family have now left, so we’re all free.


What kind of rules did you have to follow?

It was quite restrictive. I didn’t drink alcohol, wear a bikini or go out to dance until I was 23. We weren’t even allowed to watch movies – Harry Potter was satanic! It was also one of the reasons why I got married so young.

Did your ex belong to the same church?

He did; we were only able to really associate with people from the church. We basically grew up together, we started dating when i was 14, and we got married when I was 18.


What was the wedding like?

It was a weird wedding. We had to get married in the middle of a church service straight after the pastor had preached a sermon about how everyone was going to hell if you drank [alcohol]. It was awful because a few people from my work and school were there, who weren’t part of the church.

What happened if you broke the rules?

I remember once I kissed my boyfriend and we weren’t allowed to talk to each other for six months, and I was called a whore. I was 15.

What made you finally decide to leave?

I had a lot of questions about what truth was and also a curiosity about the world, plus [the church] was very repressive.


How did you adjust to life outside?

It was quite hard and I’d say that it is one of the reasons why my marriage broke down. My ex was my solace through that situation, but we dealt with leaving the church in different ways. For me, it took quite a while.

Would you get married again?

I would love to get married again and have kids and do all that. If eel I’ve healed and I’m looking forward to the future.

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