Written by Zoë Holloway, March 30, 2016

Former The O.C. star Mischa Barton, 30, has been slammed for her below par Dancing With the Stars performances in the US, but she’s the first to admit that doing the show is a challenge for her.

Blogging for People magazine, the actress wrote, ‘I know I’m never going to be a professional ballroom dancer… For me, this experience is about having as much fun as possible.’

However, it’s not looking to be a blast for Mischa as she struggled to hold back tears as the candid judges assessed her most recent performance.

Sources say, ‘She’s trying really hard [on the show], but she’s completely out of her element,’ adding, ‘[Mischa] didn’t really have any sort of deep desire to dance.’

Another reason given for her difficulties on the hit TV show is her  temperament.

‘Mischa has never really been high-energy, she’s introverted and quiet.’

Watch her most recent performance below.


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