Written by OK Staff, August 24, 2016

Gold Coast swimwear designer Noni Janur, 25, says she still doesn’t know why Bachelor Richie Strahan, 31, avoided giving her the sought-after single date card, especially when she went to the trouble of trying to impress him with a bunch of bacon roses from day dot. Here, she shares with OK! the details of her rollercoaster ride…

Can you believe that you left without a single date?

I knew that it was going to happen between Richie and I, there was nothing between us… I was definitely ready to go, although it was sad to leave the girls – that’s where the tears came from.

Did you think about walking out as a result?

There were times when I wanted to leave. When he picked Steph to go on the single date I was ready to walk. I spoke to a few of the producers about leaving. I didn’t really know why I was there at that point, but I decided to stick it out. At that point I didn’t have feelings for Richie anyway, so it wasn’t hurting me by staying.

The Bachelor S4 Ep9 Noni

Was there ever an explanation from Richie as to why you didn’t get a date?

There was no explanation. I actually still don’t know why, I guess that I’m just not his type. In real life guys never ask me on dates, so I guess it’s kind of like that… no-one actually has the balls to ask me on a date.

Did Richie appreciate your bacon obsession?

Everyone loves bacon! All I know is that if someone gave me a bouquet of bacon roses I’d probably be on one knee pretty quickly. He liked it and said that my roses were his favourite dish, although I told him not to eat them because I cooked them about four hours before.

Are you now on the quest for a man who likes bacon as much as you?

It’s fine if they don’t like bacon, it doesn’t change my eating it. I’m sure that vegetarians even like the smell of bacon.

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