Written by OK Staff, September 5, 2016

Despite the fact that he passed away more than seven years ago, some Michael Jackson fans are convinced that the King of Pop lives on. Their proof? A selfie posted on Instagram by his daughter Paris Jackson. The snap shows the 18-year-old actress smiling into the camera from the front seat of a car. But it’s the supposed figure that appears over her shoulder that’s got fans all in a tizz. Apparently, they can see the image of Jacko, clad in his iconic black fedora hat.

‘Michael Jackson is not dead!!!’ insisted one fan, convinced that the pic, posted in May, depicts the star watching over his daughter. ‘You can clearly see someone in a hat and one of those masks MJ used to wear, why would they wear a mask unless they were famous and didn’t want to be seen?’ queried another. Others’ though aren’t convinced. ‘Looks like a big pile of clothes.’

So is the man in the mirror – or back seat of the car – really Michael? Who knows what to believe…

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