Written by OK Staff, February 26, 2016

Always one to cause a stir on social media, pregnant model Chrissy Teigen has hit back at fans who called her decision to choose the gender of her unborn child ‘sad’.

After revealing how she hand-picked a female embryo while undergoing IVF, Twitter users sent Chrissy’s personal page into meltdown.

A medical practice currently illegal in OZ, One fan wrote, ‘I do think it’s sad people would pick a specific gender/prefer a specific gender,’ and that’s when John Legend’s wife hit back.


‘What year is this!? And for the record, I am always happy and open to speak on infertility. The more casual, the better! I don’t mind,’ she wrote, before lightening the mood a little.

‘I also picked the embryo with a taste for bacon, a knack for magic and size 7 feet so she can always find shoes.’

The social media furore kicked off following an interview Chrissy did, during which she opened up about the reason she and John chose to have a little girl for their first child. And the reason is kinda cute.

‘It excited me to see… just the thought of seeing him with a little girl. I think he deserves a little girl. I think he deserves that bond,’ the 30-year-old explained.

But fear not, this genetically blessed duo plan on giving their baby girl a brother one day.


‘We’ll get there, too, so it’s not like we really have to pick,’ she says, before adding that another round of egg retrieval will have to happen first to make their dreams of a big brood a reality.

‘The number of embryos we have left is not matching the number of people I want at my dinner table, so I’ll have to do it again,’ Chrissy shared. ‘I wish I had frozen my eggs earlier. We have a few more on ice.’

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