Written by Zoë Holloway, October 12, 2016

The makeovers are always one of the best episodes in any given Next Top Model series, and last night was no exception.

Last night on Australia’s Next Top Model it was makeover time! And as is now common practice, there was drama, excitement and lots of tears – specifically from Kassidy Ure (below) who had her head shaved!

Shedding tears: 'I could see all my hair falling off, I remember my heart just breaking,' the aspiring model told the publication

The 19-year-old has since spoken to Elle, admitting that her ‘heart was breaking’ and adding that ‘at the time I was struggling with my confidence, and trying to make a breakthrough in the show, and I felt like I’d finally done that,’

‘Now they were taking away my confidence by cutting my hair off…’


Kassidy was reassured by the host, Jennifer Hawkins that ‘It’s different. But this will launch you. Kassidy, you look gorgeous.’ – and we couldn’t agree more!

Check out the rest of the transformations below…

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