Written by Zoë Holloway, April 8, 2016

The former Miss Universe Australia chats about her Victoria’s Secret dreams -and her new man!


Renae, you are looking amazing, what’s your top tip to rocking a bikini?

Renae: A spray tan! [laughs]

Andrew: She’s a bloody goddess.

Having a personal trainer for a boyfriend must help too, right?

Renae: We don’t work out together; he is just on a whole other level. We did once and I thought I was going to pass out, my ears were sore and I got dizzy…

Andrew: It was a high intensity workout. She did really good, I was really proud of her.

What do your workouts usually involve, Andrew?

I work out sometimes twice a day. At the moment I’m training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in July in Africa. Next year is my big year where I’m going to do a 1,000 kilometre run across four desserts and I’m going to make a documentary about it.

Impressive! OK, so how did you both meet?

Renae: To cut a long story short, he messaged me in Instagram asking me what video app I used and that turned into, ‘Do you want to get coffee?’.

Andrew: And she said yes!

What’s it like going out with Miss Universe, Andrew?

I love how she doesn’t take herself seriously and can have fun anywhere. And how honest she is; she tells me everything about herself and how she feels.

What about Renae’s male admirers, have you encountered any difficulties there?

If I see guys looking at Renae I’m like, ‘Yeah I would do the exact same thing,’ and as long as they’re not disrespectful I don’t mind. I’ve got my eye on her so she’s got nothing to worry about.

Renae: He has more male admirers than I do anyway!

Andrew: When I first started modelling I was picked up by Aussie Bum and there were billboards all over Europe and Australia of me in my undies, that’s where a lot of my gay followers come from.


Do you live together?

Renae: No, he lives on the central coast.

Andrew: I plan on moving to Sydney later this year because at the moment I’m down in Sydney two-three times a week anyway. It’s on the cards.

What do date nights involve for you both?

Andrew: We went to the Hunter Valley [South of Sydney] and went hot air ballooning which was nice. Next up is skydiving!

Renae: I don’t think so. [laughs] The other day I woke up to breakfast in bed, he is a hopeless romantic. There’s a lot of eating – take out and Netflix.

Did you gain any new couple calories when you first started dating?

Andrew: I was saying to Renae that if we are apart and we eat really healthy then when we come together we can have our treat guilt free, so that’s working out pretty well.

Renae: We have a pretty laid back diet. I mean, we will still eat healthy but we won’t ever say no to a chocolate, although we have been trying to keep each other accountable lately because I literally can’t walk past a shop without buying it.

What does an average day on a plate look like for you, Renae?

I usually wake up and have oats or toasted muesli with fruits, then I’ll have a coffee, a green juice or a muesli or Quest bar. Lunch will usually be a salad and some sort of protein, and then I’ll have Greek yogurt. Dinner will be a vegetable stir fry with meat or chicken, and then a few squares of chocolate.

In your beauty pageants did you ever feel the pressure to be a certain body shape?

Pageants aren’t like modelling; you don’t have to be super stick thin and you can have a bit of curve. I didn’t feel any pressure with that. I’ve never followed a diet.

Is it true you are interested in becoming a Victoria’s Secret model?

Yeah definitely, I want to get back into the modelling side of things while I still can, it would be the ultimate dream. I’ve been thinking about heading over to LA this year, I want to go pretty soon, I’d like to spend a couple of months over there and see what it’s like.

Would you go over to Los Angeles as well, Andrew?

I’m in full support of Renae going over there, but whether I go too is a different story. Long-term we want to be together so when you look at a couple of months it’s got nothing on years or decades. I think we’ll be fine.


Have you met each other’s parents yet?

Andrew: I’m meeting her parents very soon. We are going to flying to Perth and I’m going to meet them for the first time which will be nice, even though I feel like I’ve already met them – I’ve got her Nan on Facebook, her sister on Snapchat, and I’ve spoken to her mum and dad on FaceTime.

Renae: They love him already because they see all of the amazing things that he does for me… I still have to meet his parents too.

Things sound like they are getting pretty serious?

Andrew: I’m going to meet her family and I wouldn’t dare to do that if I wasn’t interested in taking it long-term and investing all of my eggs in one basket.

Have you guys discussed marriage?

Andrew: Who knows it could happen like mid skydive. If she says no I just won’t pull the shoot, I’ll let her hit the ground. [laughs]

Her: Wow ok!

Are all of your friends settling down?

Renae: I think it’s 50-50 with my friends… we have friends’ children to play with now. One of my best friends has a kid so I’m happy with that.

Andrew: She gets really clucky and then it throws up on her and it’s time to give her back.

Are you both looking forward to having a family of your own one day?

Renae: Yeah, having a family is something that I’ve always been interested in. I’m a big family person.

Andrew: Yeah, absolutely. We’ll do all of our things first.


Photographs by Philip Castleton @ Bauer Media Photographics

Words by Carissa Lawrie

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