Written by Zoë Holloway, September 16, 2016

While The Bachelor’s latest winner Alex Nation and her new beau Richie Strahan are stoked to be able to now share their love with the world, there are more than a few who are less than happy with Richie’s decision to pick Alex over 28-year-old Nikki Gogan.


Both Alex, 25, and Richie, 32, have had their social media accounts flooded with a tirade of abuse from unhappy viewers who believe that Nikki should have been the girl at the end. However, the couple have said it’s not going to get to them.

Speaking with the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning they acknowledged the hate, with Alex saying, ‘You know at the end of the day this was Richie’s journey to find who he’s going to fall in love with.’

‘It’s completely understandable that people fell in love with Nikki as well, because how could you not. She’s a gorgeous, gorgeous girl,’ she added.

But that wasn’t enough, with one caller ringing the show to openly blast the loved-up couple.

‘Congratulations Richie, you’re the most hated man in the country,’ she began.

‘Why do you hate me?’ a taken aback Richie responded.

‘You led Nikki on. You made her believe she had a chance. You should have at least had the balls to do an Olena and tell her right upfront she wasn’t going to win.’

‘You do realise you’re watching a TV show called The Bachelor, where I date 25 women?’ chortled the Bach.

‘I completely understand that. But…’ the caller said.

‘Well clearly not,’ said Richie. ‘But nah, it’s all good darl. Well done.’


Remember everyone, Alex and Richie are happily in love, so let’s not be nasty.

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