Written by Sara Bordon, August 22, 2016

She stunned us all when she refused a rose on The Bachelor last week, and now Richie Strahan is said to be desperate to get Megan Marx back, admitting to friends he think she’s The One.

The 27-year-old made a shock exit from the reality show, telling Richie she couldn’t handle the intense competition.

‘From the moment I met you, I felt like you’re someone I could fall in love with but I just can’t fall in love with such competition and intensity,’ Megan told the 30-year-old in a private conversation after refusing his rose.


And Megan has since spoken out about her decision to leave the show.

‘I feel like he respected my decision and he definitely didn’t beg me to stay or anything… that would’ve been awkward,’ she said.

But now, an insider has revealed that Richie has tried to get in touch with the beauty, in an attempt to convince her to give him a second chance.


‘Richie had already decided that Megan was The One,’ the insider spills. ‘But he had no choice but to date the other girls to get to the end.’

Could this mean a shock ending to this season’s The Bachelor? The suspense is killing us!

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