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He might be known for being super-nervous around the ladies, but West Australian rope access technician Richie Strahan says he’s not going to let a little anxiety stand in the way of making a move on his 22 beautiful bachelorettes – if the opportunity arises.

During an exclusive photoshoot with OK!, the 31-year-old reveals the thought process behind his kissing sensibilities: ‘It’s like, if you feel the fire there, make a move son!’

As for ‘fourth base’, the buff Bach admits that he would be brave – and willing – enough to do the deed on the first date. ‘If you are feeling it, go for it,’ he exclaims.

With filming of the show already wrapped, Richie can only confirm he’s pleased with the outcome. Australia’s fourth Bachelor and self-confessed ‘naughty’ boy sits down to chat with OK! about the reality TV show that has made him ‘a very happy man.’

[1625] Bachelor Richie Strahan

We can’t wait to see your Bachelor journey unfold!
It has been an unreal, wild rollercoaster ride, but I’m really happy with how it worked out.

Are you going to find it hard keeping it a secret?
No not at all, I’m the best vault ever [laughs].

Have you told your family if you’ve ended up with anyone?
I’m not going to tell Mum, I’m going to stir her up for a while. My mum Kate and sister Alannah are huge influences in my life, but when it comes down to who I’m in a relationship with, I’m the one in it so they’ve got to be happy [with whatever I decide].

We understand you grew up with just your mum and sister?
My mum rules our family with an iron fist. My dad didn’t play a big part in my life after they split when I was in Year Eight. My parents separating was difficult for me. It’s always tough when you’re a young teenager, but juggling that and adolescence was hard.

[1625] Bachelor Richie Strahan

Did you often find yourself in trouble?
I was in detention a lot. I was so naughty, I would do anything. I was not a good kid. I was just too cool for school, a bit of a ratbag. My attitude as a child led me to not be able to sit still. I’m still very mischievous and cheeky.

Do you want a big family?
Ten would be a handful [laughs]. Big families are cool, I can understand that, but that is something you have to talk to your partner about.

In The Bachelorette, you sometimes struggled to express your feelings to Sam. Would you say you’ve improved in the communication department?
I communicate like you’ve never seen a man communicate before, they call me ‘Richie communicator’ [laughs].

What are your thoughts on marriage?
It is something you have to work out, it is a decision that two people have to make. I’m a traditionalist. You have to live and travel, and know your partner’s family very well before you go down that avenue. And make sure it is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with before you start popping the question.

[1625] Bachelor Richie Strahan

What would your dream wedding look like?
A big celebration with friends and family to celebrate the fact you are getting married. It doesn’t matter whether it is inside or outside, it is more celebrating everyone being with you and having a beautiful day with your partner.

Will you stay living in Perth?
Perth is fantastic, it is so chill. I love it.

Are you planning on continuing to work as a rope technician?
Absolutely. I love my lifestyle, it’s fantastic. I have a really good work/life balance which has allowed me to do amazing things.

Was it a concern for you if any of the ladies had children or had been married before?
Not really, it didn’t faze me. At the end of the day you’re hoping to fall in love with the person, not their past.

What was the pressure like as the Bachelor compared to when you were on The Bachelorette?
Chalk and cheese – you go from being a contestant who is moved around and told to smile and stuff, to calling all the shots and making decisions. And when you’re filming every day plus all the rose ceremonies there is a lot on your plate, but it is exciting.

How were you with remembering all of the 22 names?
Like a total legend, you should have seen me go, you would have been impressed. I was like name, occupation… I knew everything. It was spectacular.

And you were a bit more comfortable in front of the cameras this time around?
You should see me. I’m a natural, coming in sideways, easy-peasy, lemon-squeezey.

What qualities do you look for in your dream woman?
I guess someone that has an epic sense of humour, is super-cool, someone that is grounded. I think it is important that they are healthy; I don’t need a pro-athlete, but in saying that, if she were a couch potato I would be like, ‘Come on babe, let’s go outside’.

What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a lady in the past?
I took a girl to the Perth zoo on a date. It was really cool and entertaining and I got special access so we could met all the animals – she was a big animal fan. And then we went to this lookout and had a nice picnic.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Love at first sight is a funny thing. You have to explore someone’s personality and to be able to tick the boxes [first].

Are you happy with your Bach experience overall?
No regrets. My life has changed for the good.

[1625] Bachelor Richie Strahan

Watch The Bachelor from July 28 on Channel 10. 

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