Written by OK Staff, March 17, 2016

Richie Strahan stumbled awkwardly through his one-on-one dates with Sam Frost on the first season of The Bachelorette, which is why his buddy – and the man who ultimately won Sam’s heart -says our newest Bachie won’t be proposing marriage come finale night.

Sasha Mielczarek tells OK!, ‘I’d put my money on it that he won’t. Like myself, you go into these shows with the intention of meeting someone and you’re not living real life.’

And while Richie, 30, was a fan favourite from the get-go thanks to his good looks, Sasha, also 30, tells us the rope access technician is too level-headed to rush into marriage after just a few dates on camera.

‘Look at Sam!’ he says, referring to his girlfriend’s ill-fated engagement to Blake Garvey on the second season of The Bachelor. ‘That wasn’t a very informed decision and that obviously upset Sam quite a bit. You have to make sure you’re compatible with them on a number of fronts and go through the natural progressions of a relationship.’

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Richie couldn’t agree more. ‘Engagement is a pretty big deal,’ he tells us. ‘I don’t just dive into something like that willy-nilly. I need to travel and live with this person first.’

As for children, don’t expect Mr Cool Bananas to become a baby daddy anytime soon.

‘I love kids, but in saying that, I think a relationship needs to be solid before you even consider bringing children into the world.’

So what sort of girl will catch Richie’s eye? Sasha tells OK! the perfect lady isn’t too far from his own dream girl! ‘He’ll want a wellrounded, down-to-earth, family oriented kind of girl – very similar to Sam, actually. He’ll be looking for someone similar to her, not someone who’s into their 15 minutes of fame.’

While The Bachelor Australia has become notorious for its perfect matches, Sasha hints that if the right woman doesn’t take Richie’s fancy, there may not be a final rose.

‘I do know Richie won’t settle for anyone or anything, so I think he’ll make conscious decisions based on his core values. He’ll make sue he chooses someone in line with those values,’ he says.

And if you’re high maintenance, à la former contenders Laurina Fleure and Emily Simms, better luck next year. ‘He’s not caught up in the glitz and glamour of it all. He’s just an everyday guy and is happy to date someone else like that,’ Sasha insists.

With a new mansion and a new crop of ladies, viewers will be tuning in to get their weekly dose of drama… and Richie’s abs.

The Bachelor’s new digs feature a tennis court and swimming pool, the perfect additions to document Richie’s shirtless adventures.

‘The producers have obviously looked at his Instagram, seen that he hasn’t taken a picture with his shirt on for a while, and they’ve had to change houses to incorporate that pool,’ Sasha jokes.

‘The big fella’s cut like a picnic lunch!’

We can’t wait to see more!


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