Written by Zoë Holloway, April 27, 2016

Beyoncé dropped her visual album Lemonade over the weekend, and the reactions to its release have been varied.

Bey’s most provocative line in the film is her suggestion that Jay Z call his alleged mistress ‘Becky with the good hair’, which led to speculation that ‘Becky’ was everyone from Rachel Roy, to Rita Ora.

Rita, 25, was accused of taunting Beyoncé on social media when she snapchatted herself wearing a bra with a lemon motif, and a ‘J’ necklace – but now the singer has slammed trolls for even suggesting she is ‘Becky’.

‘I never usually address tabloid gossip but let me be clear, these rumours are false,’ she tweeted

‘I have nothing but the upmost respect for Beyoncé. Let’s continue enjoying Lemonade.’

The Rita and Jay Z rumours are nothing new, with the two being romantically linked in 2014 despite her falling out of favour with Jay Z’s record label Roc Nation.

At the other end of the spectrum of reactions is Iggy Azalea, who is claiming that the album is racist.

The Aussie rapper started a Twitter war yesterday when she sent out a series of suggestive tweets, angrily taking down people who were calling her ‘Becky’:

‘Girl, BYE. Do you know how many time [people] have called me BECKY? It didn’t have any kind of positive intention behind it. Don’t start.

‘Generalizing ANY race by calling them one stereotypical name for said race. i personally dont think is very cool, the end.’

For reference, Beyonce has used the term ‘Becky’ to describe someone with ‘desirable’ sleek hair, which she as a black woman with curly hair does not naturally have. Its inference is that the former is good, and the latter is supposedly the opposite.

It must be noted that none of the album has been confirmed as biographical, but it sure does appear to be shedding a lot of light on what Beyoncé’s currently thinking in regards to everything from race to marriage.

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