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Roxy Jacenko has taken 60 Minutes reporter Allison Langdon inside the surgery room as she underwent a lumpectomy – weeks after learning about her breast cancer diagnosis in the wake of husband Oliver Curtis going to jail.

The PR dynamo, 36, says hurtful comments questioning her diagnosis broke her. ‘Yes, I’m tough but I’m also probably broken into in a million pieces of glass on the inside,’ she admits.

‘So much s–t has happened this is just another thing.’

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Roxy also explained her decision to undergo a lumpectomy to remove the 10mm tumour, instead of an advised mastectomy.  ‘I wasn’t in the headspace to make rash decisions,’ she tells Allison, who questioned the move, considering her breasts aren’t her own. ‘They’re just boobs! And yours are fake anyway… Are they that important to you?’

Roxy only managed a chuckle, joking: ‘Thanks, now the world knows. They were thinking I had this lovely set.’

As for her five-year-old daughter, Pixie, and son Hunter, two, Roxy says they don’t know the truth about their father’s whereabouts, months after he was sentenced to two years jail for insider trading.

‘I think there’s certain things you choose to tell a child. I’ve said he’s in China,’ she says, explaining that they think their dad will be home for Christmas, ‘because they’ve got no idea when Christmas is, it could be 12 months or two years to them.’

‘If you watch a cartoon these days, the baddie always goes to jail and I don’t want that instilled in their mind.

They do however, know about mum’s cancer diagnosis. ‘Whereas for me to tell them I have cancer, it’s just a few scars, and it is very different to not seeing your dad again.’

‘I will never forget 2016 that’s for bloody sure. I’ll never forget it. I’ll probably need to get a tattoo but I’m not allowed. Twelve months seems like a long time but we will get over it. We will look back and go and say, “You know what, it’s finished, and it’s done.”‘

‘I sure as hell don’t want to let down the children. You know only me so I’ve got an obligation to keep running…In heels,’ she says.

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