Written by Sara Bordon, January 8, 2016

Ruby Rose is definitely all about that #GirlPower!

After being asked to respond to 25-year-old Jennifer Lawrence’s recent comments, where she described her personal style as being ‘slutty power lesbian’, Ruby had the perfect reaction.

Love.. In abundance.

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‘I hadn’t heard that quote until you just told me now. But what I do know is that Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress and an amazing advocate for women and women’s empowerment and the wage gap in Hollywood and so many amazing things,’ the 29-year-old replied.

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Clearly it wasn’t the response the interviewer had expected from the openly gay breakout star, but Ruby was quick to lay down the reality of the situation.

‘I think that is an easy quote to misinterpret or to pick apart. But I know that she has an amazing sense of humour, and for her to say that, I know that would never come from a bad place,’ she added.

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Backing up her fellow actress, Ruby Rose has definitely cemented herself as our girl crush of the moment!

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