Written by OK Staff, August 24, 2016

If you’re familiar with Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter feed, you’ll already know he’s one of the funniest guys around. But the actor has seriously stepped up his game lately, bringing the funnies in the best way possible. Being a total babe, the hunky father-of-one receives all kinds of sexual/explicit/totes innapropes tweets on the reg ­- and while the fans are doing their best to out-funny the actor with their, er, provocative requests, his ridiculously puritanical replies are definitely winning.


‘Tear my appendix out [and] tickle my a**hole,’ begged one overzealous fan.
But Ryan was otherwise indisposed:


‘Shag my wife, Ryan,’ requested another follower.
Sadly, Ryan was unavailable:


Another keen bean hoped Ryan would arrange some cutlery in an awkward spot.
‘Can you shove a chopstick up my a**hole?’
But Ryan was too busy saving a life:


It must be said, though – Ryan’s fans are nothing if not polite.
‘Please, by all means, do murder my vagina kind sir.’
An offer that Ryan just-as-politely declined:


And if you were wondering what Ryan’s wifey Blake Lively thinks of all the weird fan requests? Ahem…


LOL. Thanks, Ryan.

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