Written by Zoë Holloway, April 18, 2016

Sam Frost gained country-wide sympathy when The Bachelor star Blake Garvey went back on his descision to propose, and instead decided he wanted to be with second runner-up Louise Pillidge.

So when it was announced this morning in New Idea that Blake, 33, and Louise, 29, had split, it would make sense for Sam to decline to say anything on the matter.

However, the radio host who found love as Austalia’s first Bachelorette has decided to speak out about and is in full support of Louise, tweeting: ‘All breakups are awful & sad. Let alone having to do it in the public eye. Go easy on them! I just hope Lou is ok & staying strong.. xx’

Considering she’s been in Louise’s spot before, Sam’s definitely the right girl to be dishing advice on brekaing up in the public eye.

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