Written by OK Staff, September 5, 2016

Scott Disick wants out!

The 33-year-old ‘Lord’ has been hitting the party scene hard ever since he split with Kourtney Kardashian last year, but it looks like Scott may have finally turned over a new leaf – after he revealed that he wants to retire from the club circuit.

Scott made the surprise admission during his latest paid appearance at 1 OAK nightclub in Las Vegas on Friday night.

‘It feels like [1 OAK] is a second home but I’m thinking about retiring from the whole appearances. I’ve just been doing it for so long,’ he explained. ‘They just feel like it’s so repetitive.’

The news comes just a week after Kourtney revealed that she hadn’t closed the door on a reunion. ‘I don’t know,’ the 37-year-old reality star confessed when asked if she’d ever get back with Scott. ‘We’re so not there yet.’

Now it seems Scott may be setting out to prove to Kourt that he’s a changed man.

‘I’m gonna try to have a good night, as I love it here, but part of me feels like I just can’t keep doing these for the rest of my life either,’ the father-of-three revealed. ‘It’s just starting to feel like Groundhog’s Day. I don’t know if I can give the people what they want anymore.’

As for what he’s got planned next, Scott says, ‘Just trying to make more money during the day and not at night.’

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