Written by Zoë Holloway, May 24, 2016

Last night the reunion episode of Seven Year Switch aired, giving viewers an opportunity to see how the couples have fared since the cameras stopped rolling.

In the previous final episode, all couples had made emotionally fuelled decisions to stay together, but now it appears that is no longer the case…

Check out our recap of all the couples below:

Ryan and Cassie:

Cassie and Ryan

All eyes were on Cassie’s burgeoning baby bump throughout the series, as it became further likely that she was pregnant with a second child to husband Ryan. As it turns out, the couple are indeed expecting!

‘We found out a couple of days before we started filming,’ says Cassie, ‘[but] we wanted to keep it quiet for the time being because we’ve been through such hardships with our pregnancies.’

The hardships she’s referring to is the previous loss of their unborn son at 37 weeks.

Cassie and Ryan, both 33, are already parents to 11-month-old Emmerson, and Cassie also has nine-year-old Ramani from a previous relationship.

Admitting that although they weren’t even sure they were prepared for another baby, the two couldn’t be happier at the thought of having another baby girl.

Congratulations, you two!

Michelle and Jason:

Michelle and Jason

Michelle, 31, and Jason, 29, appeared on the show as a final attempt to save their relationship, admitting that they hadn’t been intimate with each other in two years – and despite choosing to stay together in the previous episode, Michelle began to cry as she explained that they have since separated.

‘We went back to our lives and put all the things we learned into practice. We tried, but at the end of the day, we decided to separate. It got to the stage where we looked at each other and we couldn’t try anymore.

‘We were just suffering under each other’s pressure.’


Both insist that Seven Year Switch wasn’t to blame for the split.

Tim and Jackie:

Jackie and Tim

Tim and Jackie’s relationship nearly ended after it was revealed to Jackie that Tim had gotten a tattoo with his ‘experimental’ partner Tallena.

However, the two decided to stay together and are now expecting their first child!

The reunion episode also saw Tim, 28, propose to Jackie, 31, on a beach – with a voucher of a tattoo ring, of course.

Jackie and Tim 2

Tim’s behaviour was constantly called into question on the show, as he continuously flirted heavily with Tallena, and on one occasion even took his jocks off in a spa with her. Oh dear.

However, it seems it’s all happy endings for the couple who are six months into Jackie’s pregnancy!

Brad and Tallena:

Brad Tallena

Brad and Tallena, both 28, initially appeared on the show as a final attempt to save their relationship before they headed to the altar, and it seems to have worked, as the pair confirmed last night that they’ve tied the knot!

The wedding took place in front of 60 of the couple’s closest family and friends following their dramatic appearances on the experimental reality show.

When questioned how the big day went, Brad admitted that he was ‘bridezilla’:

‘I know we have a lot of work to do but I don’t ever want to be without you and I want to be as happy as we once were. I wanted everything to be perfect because of everything we’d been through and make sure the day went smoothly for Tallena,’ he admitted.

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