Written by Zoë Holloway, August 5, 2016

Last night saw Sophie Edwards leave the Bachelor mansion, and while she failed to win Richie Strahan’s heart, there’s already another important man in her life – her 19-month-old son Jackson.

The 28-year-old adopted her nephew Jackson when he was four months old after her younger sister was no longer able to care for him.

‘She has Asperger’s syndrome, so she doesn’t always make the best decisions, and I guess she doesn’t really understand the commitment of a child,’ Sophie explains.

The customer support manger from SA admits that while she thought ‘Richie and I didn’t have as much of a connection or spark as some of the other girls,’ she didn’t mind the idea of Richie as a strong male influence for Jackson.

The Bachelor Australia-21

However, Sophie’s not the only single mum on the show. Alex, 24, who is mum to five-year-old son Elijah, is a front-runner in the race for Richie’s heart, and Sophie thinks he’s ready for instant fatherhood.

‘I do [think he’s dad material]. He mentioned a few times that he wanted to travel, so if he can see himself do that as a stepdad with a little one tagging along, I think definitely,’ she says.

When asked why she thought the show focused on Alex’s story, she says, ‘Looking at Snez last year, I guess it’s important for the public to know that there are single mums looking for love as well. I think it’s an important piece to focus on.’

But was she disappointed that her story with Jackson didn’t make it to air? ‘No not at all,’ she insists. ‘It is something that I discussed with Richie and it was important to me, so it doesn’t matter if it didn’t get air time.’


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