Written by Zoë Holloway, June 6, 2016

Taylor Swift is notorious for surprising fans, and the singer has done it again by showing up at a New Jersey wedding!

The lucky couple in question, Max Singer and Kenya Smith, welcomed the singer to their nuptials thanks to the groom’s sister, Ali.

Congratulations Max and Kenya!!

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Ali had reached out to Tay earlier this year when she let her know about the death of her and Max’s mum, and while the formal wedding took place over the weekend, Max and Kenya had previously been married in his mother’s hospital room so she could be a part of the occasion before she passed away.

Max and his mother had chosen Tay’s Blank Space as their mother-son dance during the precious nuptials, so despite having just gone through a tough break-up, 26-year-old Taylor stepped in and doubled as a wedding singer after the ceremony, performing the song for the newlyweds in a touching tribute to Max and Ali’s mum.

Third wheel ????

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Going one step further, Taylor also made the couple a sweet hand-made card, with her lyric ‘So it’s gonna be forever’ painted on the front.

We’re not crying, there’s just something in our eye…

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