Written by Sara Bordon, August 3, 2016

Season 12 of America’s The Bachelorette wrapped up last night and boy, was it an emotional one!

The finale saw Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher say goodbye to runner-up Robby Hayes in a heartbreaking farewell. However, things certainly took a turn for the better when the 25-year-old awarded her final rose to Jordan Rodgers and he got down on one knee and proposed to the brunette beauty.

‘We’re so excited for this next chapter of our life that we can share with everybody — not just our closest family and friends that we’ve entrusted this secret to,’ the newly-engaged couple said after the final episode aired.

Forced to keep their relationship a secret until the August 1 reveal, JoJo and Jordan, 27, had to rely on phone calls and the odd secret meeting to get them through.

‘It was tough,’ JoJo reveals. ‘You go from this high of being engaged and madly in love to being separated and torn apart and having to face an overwhelming amount of scrutiny. It was so hard.’


‘Thankfully we had each other to call, but that was it,’ she continues. ‘We leaned on each other and there were so many nights I would cry myself to sleep from being overwhelmed and he would just talk to me all night so I was OK. Throughout that whole thing, our communication got so much better and it made our relationship what it is today.’

Jordan’s estranged relationship with his brother, NFL star Aaron Rodgers, has been a hot topic during the season, but he insists the footballer will be invited to their future wedding, despite JoJo not having met him yet.

‘There’s no scenario in which I wouldn’t want my entire family at a wedding,’ he says. ‘That’s what our whole family wants and hopes for, at some point. It’s going to be a good wedding, there’s going to be a lot of people there!’

While the pair are only in the beginning stages of wedding planning, they’ve revealed they plan to tie the knot next year and would be open to televising it ‘if it all makes sense’.

But one thing’s for sure, JoJo and Jordan will definitely be starting a family! ‘We absolutely want kids,’ says JoJo. ‘I have this vision that by 30 I’ll have kids. That gives me five years and enough time to start figuring it out.’

And that’s a wrap of another Bachelorette!

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