Written by Zoë Holloway, May 5, 2016

OK! gets to know the other lady in Bachelorette star Sasha Mielczarek’s life, his 54-year-old mum, Kym Ingles.

Kym, Sasha’s made no secret of your close relationship, is he very much a mummy’s boy?
He’s always been very homely. He’s good with the visits; he drops by maybe once every fortnight and then we speak every day.

Sasha, what does Sam think of your relationship with your mum?
She’s fine. Mum, Jedd and I have been going into the city and doing these little overnight shopping sprees for years, and we did one recently when Sam was away and she let us stay at her place, which was nice of her.

OK1621_FEA_SASHA_6FRHave you always been close?

Kym: We’ve never had arguments. Actually, there was one, he had a bit of tantrum because he didn’t want to go to university after his gap year and he had a stamp up the street.
Sasha: So she had me stacking bricks for a living instead, I stacked 12,000 bricks a day for six months and then I said to mum, ‘So I can still do that uni thing?’ [laughs]

You signed Sasha up for The Bachelorette; have you ever tried to set him up before?
Kym: No, never.
Sasha: Mum is pretty good with that type of stuff; she just lets me figure it out on my own.
Kym: I trust his judgement when it comes to girls. I think he’s pretty smart like that. He’s never brought home a girl that he isn’t serious about.

Are you hoping a wedding and grandkids aren’t too far off, Kym?
Yes! Poor Sam comes over and I say something and she’s like, ‘Oh, yeah’ [laughs], but I’m not rushing them or anything.
Sasha: She’s getting her shoulder done so she can pick up the grandkids!
Kym: I have to have surgery in July, it’s only a little tear in my shoulder, but if I don’t do it now I won’t be able to pick up the grandkids… I can only lift two kilos at the moment.

Kym, what type of father do you think Sash will be?
I think he will spoil them rotten because he’s terrible, even with the dog [Sam and Sasha’s dog, Rocky]. He lets him get away with anything. He’s very soft. The pair of them are very soft. That’s a real insight.
Sasha: Sam will yell at him for doing something and then I quickly give him a treat and whisper, ‘Don’t worry about that mate, it’s alright.’

Sasha, if Sam didn’t get along with your mum, would that be a deal-breaker?
Yeah it would really, just because she is the most important person in my life.

Is this the most invested you’ve seen Sasha in a relationship?

Sasha, you said you’ll be moving to live with Sam in Sydney soon, have you got a date locked in?
I just have to get my affairs in order and make sure that I’m not letting anyone down in the team at work, but it will be very soon.
Kym: I think it will be better because there’s lots of driving for Sam and Sasha, it’s a six hour return drive to see each other, and it takes a lot out of them and I worry. Plus I’m going to retire down on the beach in Sydney.

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