Written by OK Staff, March 2, 2016

Kris Jenner isn’t the only who admits she’d like to ‘ground’ troublemaking rapper Kanye West!

The 38-year-old star has been blasted by his former ‘stepdad’ Willie Scott, who admits they clashed during his six-year relationship with Kanye’s mum Donda West.

‘Kanye didn’t want me with his mother or any man. He was wrapped up in his mother,’ reveals Willie, who says his relationship with Donda soured when she refused to discipline her only son.

Donda and Kanye lived with Willie for four years after they moved into his house in Chicago. ‘He was about 14. He was a beautiful kid, but he was aggressive and he was self-assured,’ he recalls.

A retired teacher with three sons of his own, Willie says he vowed to become a second dad to Kanye. However, the pair clashed when it became clear Kanye was more interested in hanging out with his musical friends than helping around the house.


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‘I told him to do the chores [like] clean the bedroom and bathroom. But he didn’t do that,’ Willie adds. ‘He told me in front of his mother that he didn’t want to have to do anything he didn’t have to.’

Willie says Kanye also refused to walk his dog Genius, who would often dig holes under the fence and go missing. But he says Donda believed her ‘genius’ son could do no wrong.

‘We went to a counsellor to see if we could get him on the right path,’ Willie explains. ‘But Donda wasn’t interested. She wanted ME on the right path. And that is what the dilemma was.’

‘Eventually I asked that he and Donda move out,’ he reveals.

Now 81, Willie says he last saw Kanye at Donda’s funeral in 2007. ‘I saw him briefly and he introduced me to his girlfriend,’ he recalls. ‘Later on, he was with his group and I went over to hug him and he kind of pushed [me] off, so I knew I had to get away from him. We have not had any interaction ever since.’

Despite their differences, he wishes the outspoken rapper nothing but the best.

‘He is a dynamite dude. I wish him the very best. But we also know that he is not going to refrain from saying whatever comes out of his mouth at times. It’s coming from his heart and his soul,’ Willie says. ‘Kanye believes that he is the baddest dude on earth. He can do it and get away with it. I am wishing him well. I am happy for him.’

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