Written by Zoë Holloway, July 20, 2016

OK! uncovers what really goes on behind the scenes…

1. The police got involved! 

Fans know that paparazzi were a very real problem for production this year, and art director Richard Jensen reveals that the police were called.

‘[The paps] used drones, and to film with them on private property you need a CASA permit [a special flight permit], which they didn’t have.’

2. How long do the cocktail parties and rose ceremonies go for?

Some beauties reveal that their first night filming was ‘very, very long’, but Warner Bros’ head of entertainment says they try to wrap the cocktail party after 3.5 hours max, while the rose ceremony usually lasts about 1.5 hours.

The Bachelor S4 Ep1 Racahel, Megan, Sasha, Tiffany, Janey, Faith, Noni

3. Expensive drinking habits

While our new Bach Richie Strahan, 31, tells OK! his drink of choice is ‘water’, the girls who opt for an alcoholic beverage at the cocktail party have access to champagne, sauvignon blanc and cabernet sauvignon. The lucky ladies get to drink these out of ruby-stained goblets valued at a whopping $450 each.

4. It was always Richie!

A few names from last year’s Bachelorette series (hey, Michael Turnbull) were thrown around as potential leading man candidates for the fourth season, but the show’s head of entertainment says ‘no other guys’ for the show were ever in contention.

The Bachelorette Australia Richie 30 WA

5. What the girls can pack

While mobile phones are left at home, contender Kiera Maguire, 29, says the ladies are encouraged to bring lots of outfits. ‘We can bring two 20kg bags, so two big suitcases full of clothes,’ she says.


6. They can order pizza

While contact with the outside world is limited, the girls can take a night off cooking for themselves and order pizza… they just can’t answer the door!

7. Styling went cray cray with the flowers

More flowers were sourced to dress the outer-Sydney abode than ever before, with the 14-strong art department purchasing all of the fake bougainvillea available in Australia. A week was spent setting up the gardens, and another three weeks on dressing the ‘morroshcan’ (a mix of Tuscan and Moroccan) themed abode.

tb4-asset-40455 tb4-asset-4093

8. The new ‘international’ house

Production feels that the new house is closer, in both looks and feel, to the ‘international’ versions of the franchise.

The space that the crew now have to play with includes two dams, a helicopter pad, a tennis court and  a vineyard, and there are two turrets from where some of the many cameramen are able to film.

tb4-asset-3940 Bach house resized tb4-asset-4086 resized

9. First impressions

  • The poor girls that don’t make it past the first rose ceremony don’t even get to unpack their bags.
  • Once the roses have been handed out on the first night, the ladies head inside to sort out which of the mansion’s four bedrooms they’ll be sharing for the coming weeks.
  • A ‘surprise’ feature takes pride of place in the middle of the frontyard fountain to welcome the ladies as they arrive.

The Bachelor S4 Ep1 Richie Meets Faith

10. Osher’s hair is still on point

Host Osher Gunsberg’s mop is so renowned, it has its own following, and fans will be pleased to know it’s back in fine form this season.

‘I leave my hair up to Carla Mico, my hair and make-up machine, but I think people aren’t going to be disappointed,’ says the 42-year-old. ‘Give the people what they want!’

The Bachelor Australia Season 4, Richie Strahan & Osher Gunsberg 1

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